My son was born ten weeks premature and has been a challenge ever since. I have watched him struggle from his first breath to this very day. There were some happy years in the beginning, but, unfortunately, he ventured down some of the dark roads of life. One of my spiritual mothers made a comment, “Our boy needs a heart transplant and a renewed mind.” Hmmm… I chewed on that for a few days and decided to talk this over with my Creator. I was at my church alone at the altar. I got down on my knees and prayed the most fervent prayer that a mother could pray. It went from words to visualizing to acting it out. Here is how it went: I was praying when the silence broke. I turned around and saw my son walking down the aisle towards me. Before he could reach me, he collapsed. I ran to him in a panic, cupped my hands under his arms, and pulled him to the altar. Tears filled my eyes. Everything around me was a blur and his body looked lifeless. As I ran my hands down his arms and pushed his hair back to kiss his forehead, I asked God, “Why did it have to be this way?” I put my hand on his chest only to feel his feeble heartbeat. I began to sob and thought about my friend’s heart transplant comment. I looked around but saw no one. I whispered to Jesus to do the surgery. Instantly, He was standing there and handed me the holy blade. I said, “I can’t.” Jesus stood there with his arms folded. I heard the word, “BELIEVE” whispered. I took the blade and leaned over my son’s body and, ever so gently, began to unseal his chest. I reached in and tenderly removed his heart. I wrapped it in silken linen, took a deep breath, and laid it to the side. I reached up as Jesus handed me a new heart. Once it was in my hands, it began to beat, so I quickly put it in place. This new heart was strong and vibrant with a robust heartbeat. Once in place, I could see the blood coursing through the veins in his arms. I watched as fresh blood traveled up his neck into his head. A bright light flashed and his face lit up as the blood arrived. His skin took on a healthy glow. It was glistening and called me to touch him. I laid my head on his chest and smiled when I heard a strong, vibrant heartbeat which made my heart skip a beat. I laid my ear to his chest and hugged him. I spoke these words, “I can hear my son’s healthy heartbeat.” I thought I heard God say,” Someday when you are listening to your son’s heartbeat, you will hear my SON’S heart beating.” WOW!!!!!

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A Prayer to Overcome the Enemy

Father God, 

What is happening? Why is there so much evil going on in this world? What are we to do? When will this demonic behavior and pandemic be over? 

 John 10:10 ~ teaches us that satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. There are plans, plots, lies, tricks, and schemes in the works to disappoint, disconnect, break down, distort our perception, interrupt, corrupt, disillusion, confuse, contaminate, mislead, devastate, damage, harm, wound, and or destroy us.

 I know you love all your children, even the ones that are trapped under satan’s thumb, spell, control, influence, curse, and power. They look like the enemy, but they are not! They are bound, trapped, tied up, believe in lies, or have been tricked. satan is using them to steal, kill, and destroy. Wake them up!

 There is a story in the bible about the Babylonians trying to build a stairway to heaven. They wanted to be in charge and take over, rule over others.  In other words, they wanted to be you.  It seems to me that something similar may be happening today right before our eyes.


 Do what you did then! Disrupt them! Confuse them! Bind them up! I ask that you would break down all communication with satan and his slaves. Intervene in any & all plots, schemes, lies, or tricks that would cause harm to any of your children. Accept my plea as an invitation to come into, intervene, put a stop to, destroy, cause to backfire, choke out, pull down, bust up, bring to a halt, heap those burning coals on all that has intentions to harm.

Stop this corrupt behavior! All this evilness is stealing people’s joy, faith, trust, beliefs, and dependence on you. Jesus, you died and took on all of this despair so we could live life in the abundance of joy, peace, love, mercy, and certainly, grace! Jesus, we are counting on you to lift the curses that are causing havoc in this world. We want to live the life ~ you died for us to have!


May the astronomical power in your name and blood cure, snuff out, extinguish all, evil, hunger, sickness, deception, lust, wickedness, debauchery, temptation, hate, unjust, lies, cheating, phony, greed, envy, jealousy, gluttony, emptiness, insecurities, despair, hopelessness, misery, gloom, distress, sorrow or grief that has caused any brokenness and despair we are witnessing in our world today.


Discover and Explore

Think outside the box—there is much more to discover. Explore your ideas and keep a note of your thoughts. Write down your things to do…to get…to give…to say…to share…to fix…places to go…things you are thankful for…and who to forgive.

Habakkuk 2:2-3   (The Message Version)     2) God said, Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. 3) This vision—the message is a witness pointing to what’s coming. It aches for the coming. It can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in comin…WAIT! It’s on the way! It will come right on time.

I pray God’s blessings, favor &  many opportunities to come your way. Let not one pass you by.  God bless all that you put your hands & mind to so that success will follow you everywhere you go. I ask for protection from head to toe as you travel from here to there.   May blessings of good health & habits invade your mind, body & soul.  I claim nothing but goodness will fall into every aspect of your life, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. Be a blessing to others & don’t overlook the opportunities that are within a stones through from where you are. One act of kindness to a stranger, co-worker, friend, or love one has the potential to change one’s life. Never underestimate the power of a smile, a touch, a kind word, a hug, a listening ear, a text, a note, a call, or a helping hand. The Lord says, Behold!  You have this power within you. USE IT!

~Encouragement is oxygen to the soul~
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Prayer for Amazing Friends


I lift ____________up to you for going over and beyond the expectations of what a friend can be and do when one of your/our flock needs tender love and care. I ask that you would Bless her over and beyond all her expectations, Lord. She is teaching us how to step up and do what needs to be done when a true friend is in need. Thank you , Lord for bringing us all to a place in the spiritual world where our hearts are coming together for one, which creates a power that can and will wipeout evilness, troubles and struggles…and we agree in the name of Jesus that we believe in the power of Jesus name, his blood, our prayers, our praises, your Word…the scriptures. Thank you for the spiritual armour that you have provided to protect us. Help us to remind one another to get dressed and to pray for one another for the good days and the not so good days. Im asking for an abundant of blessing to show up in __________’s life for all she does for You…In Jesus name….Amen

Recover Prayer for COVID19 for a loved one

Oh…my ______ ! I love her so much! Jesus, allow her body to come into order and function as you created it to. Bless her with your strength and more than enough energy. She is a fighter! Holy Spirit, comfort her with your presence that she may rest, sleep, eat, and feel her healing coming on and taking over. Father God, we love __________and this world needs her contagious generosity and kindness more than ever. We are expecting your miraculous healing to take place as we come together in Jesus name and tend to her needs as the Word has taught us. I lay this request at your feet. Amen

The Test Was Negative

Father, We praise your Holy Name now and always! The good news we received today created a wave of emotional relief. Thank you Jesus for allowing Ruth to be there for our friend in need when she needed her most. We are grateful that Ruth has been spared from this virus. Father, you amaze us with your unconditional love and praise you for allowing us to be your hands and feet to help bring about your kingdom here on earth. Allow your blessing to flow to and through each of us as we put ourselves aside and help tend to your sheep. I ask for 100 fold of blessings for Ruth for being our hero and doing what she had to do regardless of the outcome. May her cup runneth over in Jesus name! Amen

Say It Like It Is

As I was walking today, I began to have a conversation with God. It’s not praying, just talking.   As I started laying out all the issues that I was having to deal with, it dawned on me that all I was doing was complaining. 

I realized I was always saying things like…I Want or I Need or Will You or Help Me or Teach Me or Show Me. It went something like this…Lord, I just want to be happy or I need to get organized or Will You send someone to encourage my son or Help me to be a better person or give me the strength to resist temptation. Show me where You need me to be. My heart has been heavy for such a long time; how do I get out from under this heaviness? I don’t like feeling this way, blah, blah, blah. They only thing I was really do was asking or telling God what I wanted.

Once I had my epiphany, my mind took me to the place where Moses came across the burning bush. Moses asked, “Who do I say You are? God said, “I Am who I Am. This is what you say. I AM.

My mind started swirling with all kinds of thoughts. Today, my thoughts of how God would respond to my grumbling is…Speak it! You have to say it as if it already is. I AM Beautiful. I AM smart. I AM successful. I AM full of wisdom. I Am grateful. I Am Blessed. I AM happy. I AM at peace. I AM a prayer warrior. I AM a good cook. I AM in love with Tom. I AM a good friend. I AM A MORNING PERSON. I AM creative. I AM compassionate. I AM a disciple. I AM filled with the Holy Spirit. I AM abiding in Jesus. I AM a gospel spreader. I AM fun. I AM on the right path.

I CAN’T tell you how many I AM’s I came up with. It was exhilarating! I love words. IT’S ALL IN THE WAY YOU SAY IT! Every time I take the time to talk to God, I almost always leave with a little more wisdom.

Where is my self-disipline?

Here I am again, asking for forgiveness for the very same thing again. I can’t believe I keep doing what I know is not right.  I continue to do this day in and day out.  I’m addicted to doing what I know is wrong.  How can I go to church, pray, be in His presence and continue to sin?  I don’t understand.  What’s wrong with me?  I’ve never had to fight so hard to not do a wrong.  Why?  WHY?

My Epiphany

I continue to pray over and over for strength to overcome this habit.  I asked God for the willpower, self-discipline, self-control to fight this demon.  I dont think my fruit of “self-control” has been activated.  I don’t seem to have it.  I have wished, prayed and begged for it.  This is one prayer I have prayed diligently.  God, help me!

My Visual of this Epiphany.

My mind took me to a door.  It was bolted with boards across it adorned with cobwebs and layers of dust.  God said to me…I want you to go over and open the door.  You will find what you are looking for.

I walked over to the door.  I was excited but scared.  I opened the door slowly.  Balled up in a corner was a dusty whitish shadow that looked as if it was about to take its last breath.  My Self-Control!  I gasped, with my hand over my mouth, and tears streamed down my face. What’s wrong with her? She looks like she is about to die. God say, “Meet your self-control.” I whispered, “What?” What happened to her? God said, “You subconsciously locked her away. You didn’t like saying “No” to yourself.”

“What have I done?”

I looked at this lifeless shadow and said, I’m sorry.  I’ve been looking for you.  I didn’t mean to do this to you.  I’m sorry.  I need you!   I need you in my life!  As I spoke these words with love and compassion, I could see life coming into what looked like death.  It was afraid of me.  The shadow reminded me of an abused or neglected puppy.  I bent down to touch my self-control.  I gently rubbed it’s back.  The look of devastation or hopelessness is what I saw in the eyes of the shadow.   It was so weak.  I whispered, I have been looking for you and God helped me find YOU!  You will never be locked away again.  NEVER!  I love you. You belong with me. The place inside me looks and feels just like this place, dusty with cobwebs.   There is a place for you right here, as I touched my heart.  I’m so glad I found you.  I hugged my self-discipline, took her hand to help her up.  A smile came across her face.  Oh my gosh, I just met my soul mate.  I felt the sorrow wash over me, realizing I had done this.  When did I abandon my self-control?   What else I have done to cause myself to suffer, feel empty, grieve over?

Self-discoveries are lifesaving! 

~Encouragement is oxygen for the Soul~

The Gates Flew Open


I heard the gates of heaven flew open last night for one of our brothers. I’m sure the celebration of his arrival was amazing! I wish his loved ones could see and know in their hearts that he is happy to be home with you. It seems to me us humans have not wrapped our minds around the purpose of death. The thought of celebrating life after death seems twisted backward. There are only two predictions in this life, “New life will be birthed, and death will surely come.” Most of us know this fact, but instead of celebrating, we are devastated. Knowing that we will not see, talk to, or hear from our loved one causes a kind of pain that is hard to describe. If we could only grasp and accept this “truth” that has happened over and over since the beginning of time, our lives would indeed be different. Imagine how that would look or feel.

Father, thank you for the love and time that was here and for all the lives that he touched and changed by his presence, thoughts, his passion, his encouragement, kindness, faithfulness, talents, & gifts. Life is certainly a trip, with hills, mountains, smooth sailing and rocky cliff-hanging moments. Precious moments, painful decisions, restful, peaceful, memorable moments, along with risk-taking, passionate, intentional, spontaneous, breath-taking, experiences of this life which made _ the man he became to be. Thank you for his life (all that represents the dash) between his birthday and his last day here on earth.


Reveal to his loved ones, “The Secret,” the brilliant, sparkling, treasure box that you built in their hearts for moments like this. I pray they will soak up, dive into this now priceless treasure box as their hearts heal from the sting of death. Pour out your mercy on those who are stuck in negativity, whose priorities are not in order, those who have lost sight of You, the ones who have never met You and those whose hearts have been hardened by the things of this world. Let Your ocean of grace spill over each one so that healing, forgiveness, lost dreams, hopelessness, disappointments, and wounds that have left scars, obstacles, chains, despair shall be cast out/ rebuked/ removed from us and laid at your feet where you told us to leave them. Will we ever comprehend the reality of Your birth, Your teachings, the undeserved punishment, suffering all the way to the cross because of YOUR love for each of us….so that we would have an option to live under the impossible laws or choose a life of abundance of love, joy, peace, kindness, patience, faithfulness, self-discipline, gentleness and goodness. I claim the life you died for us to have.

We love you, Father God!! I come to You with these thoughts and requests in the mighty name of Jesus, the name that has the power to move mountains. The name above all names.


An Amazing Communion

I was part of a group on a spiritual retreat, however, I was working behind the scenes.   A group of ladies were gathered in a room and were about to have communion.  The pastor was describing dying moments.  As she spoke she broke the bread into many pieces.  The basket would be passed around and each lady would take a piece of the bread.
On this particular day, the pastor raised the basket up as she prayed over the bread, asking for blessings for those who were about to take part in this intimate adoration of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

As she lowered the basket, she lost her balance the bread and basket tumbled to the floor.  Gasps were heard, hands were over mouths, faces were in shock of what had just happened.  Tears began to run down the pastor’s face as she tried to say….I’m so sorry!.  Out of humiliation she left the room and was escorted to her room as she needed to lie down and come to terms with what had just happened.  

The ladies sat quietly for several minutes not knowing what to do.  A lady in the back of the room walked up to the front and bent down on her hands and knees and picked up a piece of the bread off the floor and ate it.  Then she said… I’ll take my Jesus even off the floor.  
The ladies were in awe of what was happening and sniffling turned into crying.  One by one each lady followed suit until everyone had taken a piece of bread.  The ladies were all down on their knees.  Some were praying, some crying, some hugging, some singing…these ladies had created a bond with one another that no others could possibly relate.

The pastor returned to the chapel to apologize for her clumsiness and saw the ladies gathered upfront on their hands and knees.  She couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.  Ms. Janet’s little accident was turning into a Godly experience that no one had ever experienced before.  She wept as she bent down to join in worshiping and praying together with such deep heartfelt praises to their Fater in heaven.
Each lady was emotionally spent and was in need of a breather to re-evaluate what had just happened.   Some were overwhelmed, others’ hearts were being pierced with a love so strong it couldn’t be contained.  

What a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus.  Who said everything had to be perfect?  This was a communion that would never be forgotten.  That group of ladies experienced God in a way that others may never understand.  Unconditional love showed up in so many ways that day.  
The rest of the retreat was exhilarating. All that was seen, heard, absorbed and captivating, was oxygen to their soul.