And The Winner is …

W.O.W Watch Out World

My Creator,

Sometimes it seems there is more evil in the world than good. I would understand if those who do not know You, believe the bad guys are winning. Lord, what if everyone made an effort to deliver one act of kindness per day? I believe, if this were to happen, the land would heal, there would be no hunger, the lost would come to their senses and dis-eases would no longer exist. There would be no worry, no stress, no lack of faith, no poverty, no homelessness, no one jobless and no cruel acts against another. WOW! Just think what life would be like if only!
Lord, help us to lean on You for understanding, and not to carry unforgiveness in our hearts. Make ways for us to hear the cry of the needy, to show love to our neighbors, to love ourselves. Kindness is known to be…

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He’s Not Your Dad

When you are told that one of your parents is not really your parent.

25) God will repay you for the years the locust has eaten.

When I heard those words the other day, I thought of you. All the years that you didn’t know the truth. God is going to repay you for those years.
Lost years can never be restored, literally. Time once passed is forever gone. You can’t get your time back, but there is a strange and wondrous way in which God can give back to you! First of all, God does not make mistakes! HE CREATED YOU!

People created your circumstance. Don’t dwell on anything that you feel you might have missed out on. Dwell on those times in your life that left impressionable imprints on your heart (lessons learned, experiences, relationships.) We all crave love, affection, acceptance, approval from people especially our loved ones. When we feel like we aren’t capable of earning that love we begin to judge ourselves and wondering what is wrong with me.

Going through life with the absence of a love that you may have desperately wanted could cause one to measure themselves, confusion, detachment, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem….and so on and so on. This could then cause one to go through life in a state of unconsciousness, tranquilized, numb to block the pain of disappointments, doubts, fears, voids, the unknown. Living in a state of unconsciousness could cause life to be stagnant, boring, unfulfilling, uneventful.

John 10:10 says: satan came only to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came so that we may have a real life, eternal life, a life better than we could ever dream of.
Unfortunately, satan stole your worldly identity, but he can never steal your real identity. You are a child of God! You belong to Him! Our daddy is loving, kind, faithful, generous, compassionate and He is rich.
~Encouragement is oxygen for the Soul~

Why Can’t I Just Relax and Enjoy Life?

On occasion I find myself experiencing anxiety from all the issues that showed up throughout the day. This makes me want to ask the question, “Why do people have to deal with anxiety”? Philippians 4:6 (Do not be anxious about anything. Instead….be in prayer & be thankful in every situation. Ask and present your requests to God.)

I have practiced, but not diligently. It sneaks up on me and takes over my mind. I can feel the muscles in my jaw, neck & shoulders begin to tighten. My mind begins to play out scenarios of what could happen. My heart rate begins to increase causing my breathing to get off track. It’s an awful place to find yourself. Think back to the last time you experienced anxiety. Did anything you imagined happen? The enemy plays with our minds and tricks us into believing in lies. What do you think about? Remember, the enemy’s goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. John 10:10

In a dream: I asked God that question.

He said to me, “There IS NO anxiety. I am the creator, and I did not create such a thing. Anxiety is a lie that (satan) created and many people believe in this lie. When the truth is revealed, freedom is achieved. Feelings can be deceitful. They are like spoiled children. You cannot live by feelings alone. Many people put trust in their feelings and live with the consequences. To gain the Fruit of Self Control….one would put their spirit in charge of the mind, feelings, and yes…heart. Spirit is mature.  Spirit discerns truth vs. a lie. When you allow Holy Spirit to lead your spirit, you live more of life’s moments in eternal life. This is the life I created for you! Very few come and stay in this serene place that can be found on earth.

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I’m going to ask questions.

So, I asked: How do I get my spirit to lead? I’m pretty sure my feelings control me. He said: Submission.”  I said: So, somehow I have to get my feelings to submit to my spirit? He said: Not just your feelings, also the mind, and heart.) (Me) How? (GOD) By praying, believing, asking, obeying, loving. Some pray to be in MY Will. My Will is this: For My Son Jesus, to be invited, included, loved, and treasured. When this takes place …you will have found your purpose.


I Wonder

I wonder where anger and frustrations come from. Do negative reactions appear when our life story skips over some good stuff or add in scenes we didn’t dream up?  Are we blaming other people for making us angry because they didn’t act out their part according to our script?  Have we already decided what is right and what is wrong based on our perceptions?  Is this why people argue? Oh, what about fear and anxiety?  

Have you already created an internal movie on the outcome of how these two caused this uncomfortable intercession that was not planned?  Whose fault is it?  Where, Why and How did all the emotions show up in the perfect script I imagined? Who are these people who are causing me such misery?  Wait a minute… Am I causing my own misery?  Why would I blame other people?  What is it that is making me so miserable?  NO! It couldn’t be me!  Why would I make myself miserable?  This is insane!  It is not my fault when I get angry, frustrated, or anxious or is it?  This is crazy!  You’re telling me~ I do all this stuff I hate ~ to myself?  


The Secret to Joy

Do you find yourself without joy in your life?  Do you get so wrapped up with doing things instead of just being?  If so, then you must find the hidden treasure of pure Joy!

Do you sit around and think of ways to make a difference in someone’s life?  Have you ever thought about what YOU could do to help someone who is down and out?  Those with no job, no money, no transportation, no food, no roof, no shoes, no coat, no friends, no family, no hope……are places where you can make a difference and also find that joy that surpasses all things.

Look for opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life.   I promise you, the feeling of doing something good for someone with no expectations for anything in return.  It’s absolutely remarkable!   The bible says, “When you bless someone…. God will bless you up to 100 folds more”.  That my dear…is the TRUTH!


Giving/Helping/Doing for others is where the JOY of life is hidden.

Where is my Self-Control?

Here I am again, asking for forgiveness for the very same thing again. I can’t believe I keep doing what I know is not right.  I continue to do this day in and day out.  I’m addicted to doing what I know is wrong.  How can I go to church, pray, be in His presence and continue to sin?  I don’t understand.  What’s wrong with me?  I’ve never had to fight so hard to not do a wrong.  Why?  WHY?

My Epiphany

I continue to pray over and over for strength to overcome this habit.  I asked God for the willpower, self-discipline, self-control to fight this demon.  I don’t believe my fruit of “self-control” has been activated.  I don’t have it.  I have wished, wondered, and begged for it.  This is one prayer I have prayed diligently.  God, help me!

My Visual of this Epiphany.

My mind took me to a door.  It was bolted with boards across it adorned with cobwebs and layers of dust.  God said to me…I want you to go over and open the door.  You will find what you are looking for.

I walked over to the door.  I was excited but scared.  I opened the door slowly.  Balled up in a corner was a dusty whitish shadow that looked as if it was about to take its last breath.  My Self-Control!  I gasped, with my hand over my mouth, began to cry and asked, “What have I done?”

I looked at this lifeless shadow and said, I’m sorry.  I’ve been looking for you.  I did this to you.  I’m sorry.  I want you!   NO! I need you in my life!  I need you in my life.  As I spoke these words with love and compassion, I could see life coming into what looked like death.  It was afraid of me.  The shadow reminded me of an abused or neglected puppy.  I bent down to touch my self-control.  I gently rubbed it’s back.  The look of devastation or hopelessness is what I saw in the eyes of the shadow.   It was so weak.  I whispered, I have been looking for you and   I found YOU!  You will never be locked away again.  NEVER!  I love you. You belong with me. The place inside me looks and feels just like this place, dusty with cobwebs.   There is a place for you right here, as I touched my heart.  I’m so glad I found you.  I hugged my self-discipline, took her hand to help her up.  A smile came across her face.  Oh my gosh, I just met my soul mate.  I felt the sorrow wash over me, realizing I had done this.  When did I abandon my self-control?   What else I have done to cause myself to suffer, feel empty, grieve over?

Self-discoveries are lifesaving! 


~Encouragement is oxygen for the Soul~

Open The Curtain

If God loves me as much as the Bible says He does, Why can’t I feel it?

I had a thought, (Open the curtain)

 What curtain?  My mind took me to Golgotha. I was standing underneath Jesus hanging on the cross. He was struggling to breathe. As He took His last breath, a drop of clear fluid fell in slow motion towards me.  It was enormous by the time it hit the ground.  It caused the land to rumble. Suddenly, it became dark. I heard the people around me gasp. People began to panic, and a soldier said, My God, My God, this man was surely the Messiah. My Lord, Have mercy on us! 

There was a loud crack of thunder. Thunderbolts lit up the sky, and I could see the fear of death in the eyes of the shadows of those near me. It seemed as if the Thunder was angry. The ground began to shake, rattle and roll. Someone screamed, RRRRUUUNNN, but no one did. Fear had a hold on each one of them. All of a sudden, there was a huge gust of wind. People were screaming and looking for something to hold on too. People ran to the cross to hang on. Others held on to the ones who were holding on to the cross. They had just put to death the ONE who came to save them and yet they ran to the cross to save themselves. 

The wind grew stronger by the minute. I heard a ripping sound. Light began to shine into the darkness of the chaos that occurred when Jesus let out His last breath. When I looked up, I saw what appeared to be two sheets flapping in the wind.  I am pretty sure it was the sheet that caused the ripping sound. I was staring up at the remnants when I remembered a scripture about a curtain torn in two.  Mark 15:38 The curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom   Luke 23:45  for the sun stopped shining. The curtain of the temple had torn in two.

 As I drove home, I had an epiphany to my question. The reason I do not feel God’s love is because it is not a feeling. God’s love is in my heart. I love with His love. How can anyone possibly experience what real love is by my love alone? 

Imagine the ones who have never felt loved completely. No one’s love alone has the power to give others what they are searching for, need, crave, or yearn.  Only God’s love can satisfy. When a person comes to this realization, love as they know it will never be the same.

This is Only a Test


Evil has a way of messing our minds up sometimes. Thank You for bringing us into an awareness of his traps and schemes and lies that cause our faith to become wobbly. Thank You for reminding me that “THIS IS ONLY A TEST!” I know you have to test us at times to remind us of how mighty and loving you are. Tests are good! I thank you for loving each of us enough to test us. Each time we pass a test, our faith becomes stronger, and our doubts disappear. I know for a fact that you are our Mighty Physician! Why on earth would our Father in heaven cause one to become sick, or to suffer? I understand the consequences of the choices we make, but I also know you will take what was meant to harm us and make something good out of it.

Thank You for loving every child as if we were perfect children. Thank you for forgiving us when our ego/flesh takes over, and we become weak in spirit. Help us to push our ego/flesh to the side and allow our spirit to soar with confidence and vigor. We need that strength because you never promised us a rose garden. Thorns, they help us to grow sometimes in an uncomfortable, unpleasant, distressing, uneasy, rough kind of way. It’s our temptations that cause our faith in you and ourselves to fall short of the promises.

Lord, I ask you to remove, unclog, clean out, and get rid of, anything that would stand in the way of your blessings to flow through t situations. Give each person the strength and the stamina needed to get to the other side of this temporary pit stop. I believe they/we will look and feel much better than we do right now once they have passed the test. I declare with the authority that you have given me to use your name, Jesus, to rebuke whatever satan is planning. I claim that wicked plans are disrupted and vanish in the name of Jesus, our Mighty Warrior~

This request has been out in the hands of Jesus!


Before You Give Up…Read This

The Lyrics: Bring me to Life~ You should pray these words to God!

How can you see into my eyes, like open doors
Leading you down into my core
Where I’ve become so numb, without a soul
My spirit’s sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home
Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up,
Wake me up inside, save me,
Call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can’t wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me from the nothing I’ve become
Now that I know what I’m without
You can’t just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real, bring me to life
Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up,
Wake me up inside, save me,
Call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can’t wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me from the nothing I’ve become
Bring me to life, I’ve been living a lie
There’s nothing inside, bring me to life
Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling
Only you are the life among the dead
All this time, I can’t believe I couldn’t see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me
I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems
I’ve got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
Don’t let me die here
There must be something wrong, bring me to life
Wake me up, wake me up inside I can’t wake up,
Wake me up inside, save me,
Call my name and save me from the dark, wake me up
Bid my blood to run, I can’t wake up
Before I come undone, save me
Save me from the nothing I’ve become
Bring me to life, I’ve been living a lie, there’s nothing inside
Bring me to life

Count Me In!


A rich man in Brazil decided to bury his Bentley so that he could use it even after his death. Media criticized his decision.

And so was the crowd gathered before the funeral of his Bentley, he announced that his car is not being buried, he did this to raise awareness of organ donation between people. He said in his speech that people condemned me because I was going to bury my car but you people everyday bury your hearts, lungs, kidneys etc. A lot of people are waiting for transplants of healthy organs, which could have saved their lives.


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