The Gates Flew Open


I heard that the gates of heaven flew open last night for one of our sisters. I’m sure the celebration of her arrival was amazing! I wish her loved ones could see and know in their hearts that she is happy to be home with you. It seems that we humans have not wrapped our minds around the purpose of death. The thought of celebrating life after death seems backward. There are only two predictions in this life, “New life will be birthed, and death will surely come.” Most of us know this fact, but instead of celebrating, we are devastated. Knowing that we will not see, talk to, or hear from our loved ones causes a kind of pain that is hard to describe. If we could only grasp and accept this “truth” that has happened repeatedly since the beginning of time, our lives would indeed be different. I can only imagine how that would look or feel.

Thank you for the love and time that she was here and for all the lives she touched and changed with her presence, thoughts,  passion, encouragement, kindness, faithfulness, talents, & gifts.

 Life is a trip! All those mountains, painful decisions, rocky cliff-hanging moments, and the precious,  memorable, passionate, intentional, spontaneous, breath-taking, smooth sailing experiences made her the woman she became. Thank you for her life (all that represents the dash) between her birthday and her last day here on earth.

Reveal to her loved ones “The Secret.”  The brilliant, sparkling treasure box you built in their hearts for moments like this. I pray they will soak up and dive into this priceless treasure of all the memories each one has as their hearts heal from the sting of death. May your ocean of grace spill over into each loved one’s heart so that healing will take place so that they can enjoy their treasure.

We love you, Father God!! I come to You with these thoughts and requests in the mighty name of Jesus. The name that has the power to move mountains is above all names.



How many in here follow someone on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Imagine how much time has been spent following someone or something on TV, social media, sports, and the news.  

All of us here are good people; there’s no doubt about it. May I ask…Do you follow Jesus? Have you put God as your priority? Do you read/study your bible? Do you sacrifice time or money to help others?

I hope I haven’t stepped on anybody’s toes. I bet you’re wondering if I am a follower of Jesus.

I can’t stand here and tell you that I’m a full-fledged follower, but I can tell you that life has taught me I am one of many, and people die every day. Things I would love to have, do not bring the joy I expected. I don’t judge others. Anger and unforgiveness poison my soul, and I love unconditionally. I do whatever it takes, whether it’s my job or not. I know that a small act of kindness can change a life. Listening is a skill that takes practice. I am known for my compassion for others. I am honest and loyal, and I strive for the title of integrity. 

Hi, my name is Melinda Rindfleisch, and this talk is on Discipleship.

What is Discipleship? And what does it have to do with me? 

Discipleship is the process of becoming more like Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit equips those so that we may overcome the pressures and trials of this life. Discipleship does not know everything there is to know about Jesus but having a relationship with Jesus and allowing Him to transform you into His image. Discipleship is living by faith in the everydayness of life by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

In the process of Discipleship, a disciple is born. A disciple gives their hearts to God in piety, their minds to studying, and are available to be God’s hands and feet to help others, known as Christian Action.

A true disciple will minister to others by sharing the Good News and is a full-time Christian who lives their life for Christ. Being a disciple prepares them to become a Christian leader, step out and stand up for Christ by utilizing their God-given gifts, and serve others. It’s not something they do; it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle is to be willing to witness to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Sharing the love of Christ and how their life has been enriched. Also, listening to others and pointing out where they see Jesus working in their life.

Disciples make themselves aware of people and circumstances around them. They look for opportunities to witness, show empathy to others, take the initiative when they see a need, and practice ongoing generosity. A disciple has natural qualities such as having their priorities in order, direction, and discipline to follow Christ every day. 

A Disciple has Spiritual Qualities.

Faith:  Faith is not just believing in God but also believing that Jesus is the way and worth the risk of being an instrument of God. Humility is born when in a relationship with Jesus. Knowing that you are no better than anyone else is a humble trait. A true disciple knows that much can be done when no one is concerned about who gets the credit. Hope: Where our hope ends, hope in God begins. When others fail and want to give up, disciples persevere in the belief “that with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26) Then there is love. Love is the willingness to sacrifice for well-being and knowing that everyone matters. 

A disciple may look like someone who steps up to give money to someone who doesn’t have enough to pay for their groceries? Visits the sick or at least checks on them. They attend Sunday School and/or church regularly. Disciples help with most of the goings-on in their church or participate in the events? Here’s a good one…they tithe and take time to share what God has done in their life. These things are done out of love. God’s love is capable of accomplishing all things. Never underestimate what God will call you to do. 

Several years ago, a mother was beaten to death with a baseball bat by the hands of her second husband. Two children from the first marriage, a daughter who was 15 and a son who was 13, were not at home at the time of the incident. A few years later, I met the two kids, and when I realized who they were, my heart melted. I had wondered who was loving on them since they were motherless and their biological father was in prison. I grew up without my mother due to cancer, so I could relate to being a motherless teenager.

By this time, the son was 17. He slept on our couch for a while one summer. During that summer, I had little chats with each of them. I was concerned about the young fella because I could see where he had been cutting himself. I asked him about the marks, and he told me, “The worst thing that could ever happen has already happened. “When I cut myself, it takes away the pain in my heart for just a little while.”

My husband was summoned to be a possible candidate for this murder trial that summer. The case turned into a plead of insanity. On the day my husband was scheduled to be in court, the judge had him escorted into the courtroom along with others. He witnessed each family member tell this man how his insanity impacted their lives.

There was hate and anger in that courtroom. When the kids we had come to know got up to say what they had to say, my husband could no longer hold back the tears. He was proud of how they used appropriate language and held themselves together. The kids did not know he was in the courtroom. He waited outside to see them before he left. He explained why he was there, gave them hugs, and said,” You know where we are if you need anything.” The two kids beat Tom home that day and told me all about it.

Well, life went on. We heard about the trouble the fella was getting into. Before we knew it, he had a son, then a daughter, and we eventually lost touch. A couple of years went by, and we heard that the fella was in prison. The mother of the children was moving back to town and needed help. By then, there was another little girl in the mix. She called on my son to help her move into an apartment complex with a history of crimes. My son helped her get moved in, and all was well—the End. I’m just kidding….It was just the beginning. 

There was little Johnnie, who was 4; Betty Lynn was 3, and Serenity was 2.   

Several months went by, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with these kids. My son hung around and helped her out a lot. Getting the kids to school, Dr. appointments, and so on. Before we knew it, this girl became pregnant with her 4th child, thanks to our son. I was not happy to hear the news. I kick myself at times because I missed out on the joy of coming one of the grandest jewels in my life.

Eventually, this girl lost the apartment and had nowhere to go. Yep, this little family lived with us for two years. 2 LONG years. Now, here’s the thing. I was an only child. I had an only child. Needless to say, those two years were nothing but chaos. 

The mother of these children will be 25 this month. God bless her soul. She grew up without her mother and learned to fight and defend herself. I couldn’t imagine being so young and having so much responsibility on my shoulders. It seems that she goes through the motions of day-to-day life with little if any sparkle in her eyes. When looking at this situation, most people see nothing but hopelessness, but one thing is for sure, God does not make mistakes!

Eventually, this fella was released and still struggles to get through life. There is a lot of turmoil between the kid’s parents. They are only kids themselves.  

We all managed to survive somehow. The kids loved going to church. All we did was give access to our lives, family, arguments, parenting, dinners, recreational activities, and even our failures. Never underestimate how God can and will use you.  

I am a better person today because of the long-term investment we made. We had the opportunity to plant many seeds that season and someone else will come along and water them. Yes, we still get to see the kids, and I continue to wash their clothes and give hugs and kisses when I see them.

My conclusion: God prepared our hearts years ago to love those rowdy, messy, cuddly little rascals. God can take all this chaos and make a beautiful, unbelievable, incredible life story worth living and sharing. I can only pray that God will get the attention of those young parents and awaken their spirits. May this testimony give others the courage to do what you think maybe impossible.

Jesus said, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for the Gospel and me will save it” (Mark 8:34-36)

If you will, close your eyes and imagine or visualize what I am about to say.

You take a walk one day, and the ground under your feet starts to crumble. There was a gap between you and getting back home when it was over. You fall to your knees and call out Jesus’ name. You ask why is this happing? What am I to do? Standing there before you is Jesus on the other side of the gap when you stand back up. He is bloody, his eyes swollen, and wearing the crown of thorns. It looks as if He just came down from the cross. You can see the lashes and deep gashes in his flesh. Jesus calls your name and asks,” Do you trust me?” You say “Yes,” of course. He lifts his arms to heaven and says, “Father, Hallowed be Your Name ~ Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus lays down, stretches his arms over to your side of the gap with his feet on the other side, and says, 

” Walk across my back.” What do you do? Will you walk or exclaim…there has to be another way? Then you notice that Jesus is struggling to breathe. He seems to be straining to hold on. It’s your only chance for survival. So, you take a step, and he cringes. You look down and see every lash he took for your sin. You continue to take steps on his back until you are completely across. When you turn around, there stands Jesus healed and smiling. Now take a deep breath. How do you feel? You can open your eyes now. I want you to take the time to examine yourself tonight. Look deep inside at the life you have lived up to this point. Where does Jesus fall on your priority list? Are you headed in the right direction? Are you aware of the needs in your community? How many opportunities have you missed to tell someone about the love of Jesus? What will it take for you to take the initiative to meet a need or practice generosity? God loves you, Jesus died for you, and Holy Spirit is here for you. Don’t be afraid to live the life Jesus died for you to have.

De colores

Breathing Life into a Lost Soul

We will never understand how things come together or fall apart. Some people walk around numb, spiritually asleep, and never live the abundant life you willingly laid your life down for. Your Word says you came so that we could live a more abundant life! The verse before you share that promise says, satan came to steal, kill, and destroy. How come some of us who say we are Christians get tangled up in satans traps and lies? God! Help us! It’s like he has puppet strings attached to us, and we keep doing what we know is wrong, over & over & over again. 

Your Word tells us we have the authority to trample over snakes and scorpions and not be harmed.   Your Word also says, whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven~ It also says, dress yourselves in the Armor for Spiritual protection. You tell us to use The Word, Your Word, as our weapon as well as prayer, praise, worship, rebuking, speaking the name of Jesus, and to plead the precious blood of Jesus in every situation. You equipped us to fight spiritual warfare and claim victory. So, In the mighty name of Jesus, I command all demons to leave my son’s home to never to return! In the name of Jesus, I cast out and demand he be unbound from any curses that his words, my words, his teacher’s, and those who have judged him and deemed him worthless.

Lord, he has been tempted and tortured long enough. Demons have tortured him and tried to destroy him from day one! This child needs Your mercy and grace poured upon him so that every single cell in his body is saturated. Send  10,000 angels to guard him against every enemy that he may face. He has been in bondage for so long and has been kept from living the life you died for him to have.   He is weak in the flesh and spirit. He needs YOUR strength to conquer all that has been brought against him. Jesus, renew his mind, cleanse his heart dissolve every addictive thought, lie, trick, scheme, or plot that has been planned against him, and let your love and the truth rush in and begin the healing of the brokeness he has endured in his life.   

Holy Spirit,

With your help, I declare that he is now loosed from all things that are not of You! Anxiety, pain, doubt, confusion, rebellion, unforgiveness, hate,  unkind words, foolishness & rejection. I declare Jonathan’s body, soul, and spirit to operate in the body of Christ with passion and vigor! May he proclaim Jesus as his Savior, acknowledge and receive God’s love for him. Bless him with an understanding of your Word and decern the truth from deceit. May he walk with his head up, with hope, love, and compassion in his heart.

Bless him with more than enough wisdom, strength, confidence, courage, ambition, and determination to accomplish all he sets out to do to glorify all you have brought him through and are leading him into.

I claim every excellent gift from You for Jonathan! Breathe Your breath of life into his body, mind, spirit, and soul. Breathe into every single cell in his being. Shine your light through him for Your GLORY so that others will know there is a Real Loving God that exists and is still in the miracle-making business!!

Matthew 16:19
“And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. A yes on earth is yes in heaven. A no on earth is no in heaven.”

Thank You, Father, Jesus, & Holy Spirit~  My hero!!

Prayer for Sickness

Your daughter is sick. I come boldly asking You to give her whatever it takes to bring exuberant life to her body.

Holy Spirit,
Wisk through this place and take anything of harm out the door. Let Your presence be known! May the family be in awe when they realize what You are doing. No matter what the doctors say, I know your daughter is in the palm of Your hands.

I plead Your blood over this woman’s body. Pour your healing grace into her body and give her strength to fight. In the mighty name of Jesus, “for the enemy to bow down and leave this child of Yours alone! She belongs to You! The bible says everything in heaven, on the earth, and under the earth must bow down to the name of Jesus!
I know that one is born, and one will die. I ask Lord that if it is her time, so be it. If not, I have faith that Your Healing is on the way!

Everyone Wants Something

The 1-year-old wants its mommy. The two-year-old wants its toy. The three-year-old wants to do it all” by myself.” The four-year-old wants to play 24/7. The five-year-old wants a bike. The ten-year-old wants a phone. The 13-year-old already knows everything there is to know. The 14-year-old wants privacy (Leave me alone). The 15-year-old wants to be with friends 24/7. The 16-year-old wants a car. The 20-year-old wants to be 21. The 21-year-old wants it all. The 25-year-old wants a career. The 30-year-old wants to join a gym. The 35-year-old wants to move back home. The 40-year-old wants to look 29. The 45-year-old wants a sports car. The 50-year-old wants to complete their bucket list. The 60-year-old wants a nap. You get the gist, don’t you? There is always a desire deep down inside or right at the tip of your fingers.

It is impossible to be satisfied unless you are tight with Jesus. Somehow, those things you want aren’t so important anymore. You begin seeing others who have far less than you. This discovery causes the heart to soften and the mind to become instantly creative in fulfilling a need for someone else. You will discover what “JOY” really feels like when this happens.

Caution:  The actions described above have been known to become addictive. If you decide to participate in this activity, you will be judged and deemed guilty of being GENEROUS!! 

Beware:  There is no cure for this addiction.  


My son was born ten weeks premature and has been a challenge ever since. I have watched him struggle from his first breath to this very day. There were some happy years initially, but, unfortunately, he ventured down some of the dark roads of life. One of my spiritual mothers stated, “Our boy needs a heart transplant and a renewed mind.” Hmmm, I chewed on that for a few days and decided to talk this over with my Creator. I was at my church alone at the altar. I got down on my knees and prayed the most fervent prayer that a mother could pray. It went from words to visualizing to acting it out. Here is how it went: I was praying when the silence broke.  

I turned around and saw my son walking down the aisle towards me. Before he could reach me, he collapsed. I ran to him in a panic, cupped my hands under his arms, and pulled him to the altar. Tears filled my eyes. Everything around me was a blur, and his body looked lifeless. As I ran my hands down his arms and pushed his hair back to kiss his forehead, I asked God, “Why did it have to be this way?” I put my hand on his chest only to feel his weak heartbeat. I began to sob and thought about my friend’s heart transplant comment. I looked around but saw no one. I whispered to Jesus to do the surgery. Instantly, He was standing there and handed me the holy blade. I said, “I can’t.” Jesus stood there with his arms folded. I heard the word “BELIEVE” whispered. I took the blade and leaned over my son’s body, and, ever so gently, began to unseal his chest. I reached in and tenderly removed his heart. I wrapped it in silken linen, took a deep breath, and laid it to the side. I reached up as Jesus handed me a new heart.

 Once it was in my hands, it began to beat, so I quickly put it in place. This new heart was strong and vibrant with a strong heartbeat. Once in place, I could see the blood coursing through the veins in my son’s arms. I watched as fresh blood traveled up his neck into his face. His face lit up as the blood arrived. His skin took on a healthy glow. It was glistening; I just had to touch it.

 I laid my ear to his chest and smiled when I heard a robust and vibrant heartbeat making my heart skip a beat. I hugged him and spoke these words, “I can hear my son’s healthy heartbeat.” I heard a whisper, “Someday, when you are listening to your son’s heartbeat, you will hear my SON’S heart beating.” WOW!!!!!

When We do turns into Do We?

Father God,

When I said, I do, I didn’t know exactly what I agreed to all those years ago. I knew this is what people say when they get married, and I want to get married. I never really thought that much about it. It depends on how much you know God and the Bible and how deeply those words penetrate the souls taking these vows.

It’s been many years of ups and downs; making friends, sharing, giving, exploring, traveling, reading, learning, studying, working long hours, volunteering, dreaming, hoping, and having fun. However, there have been many trying times as well.

My life feels so messed up. I don’t know how to get back on track. Lead me to the place where Your heart, my husband’s heart, and my heart becomes one. I want to love him so much more. I can’t believe how much we have drifted apart. We both have let our relationship suffer by letting life’s struggles get the best of us. I want & need my relationship with Tom to be strong and healthy. I do not want to hurt him, nor do I want to lose him. I chose to love him and be his wife, and he deserves to be loved unconditionally. Bless us both with more love, wisdom, strength, energy, and keep us mindful of those unique things that we did for one another that caused us to fall in love all those years ago.
Lord, we both have changed. Don’t let our life changes break us apart. Please help us to adapt to our differences! Forgive me for wanting more, not being satisfied, and wasting day in and day out not enjoying the life you have given me. Lord, take whatever is stealing my joy away! Block any ungodly thoughts, unhardened my heart, reveal the things that I can conquer to move on.

I ask for oppression to leave my mind, body, and soul in the name of Jesus. I claim joy, energy, determination, a more powerful desire to love You and my man with all that I am. I declare Love, Love, LOVE all over me. Let it overflow! Grant my cup to never cease to increase! Allow my cup to spill over with abundance in every area of my life and his. May we bless all who cross our paths. Lead us back into harmony with one another. Let us build one another up with encouragement, kindness, generosity, surprises, motivation, and unconditional love.

In Jesus’ Name, I boldly ask for these things to come forth into my life.


The Dreaded Days of Chemo


I ​come to you with a heavy heart. I boldly ask ​you to brighten​ the days and lift the spirits of those who endure and preserve through those dreaded days of chemo and the results it leaves behind. ​ Give all who battle daily the strength that Jesus had when he began his journey to the cross. Equip ALL with determination to get through the healing that man provides. You are the Great Physician! We will practice patience until Your Healing arrives.​

No one will truly understand the effects of what chemo can do to someone’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and not to mention financial status until they journey down a path that leads to this diagnosis. John 10:10 says, “satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But you, Jesus, came so that we could live the abundant life prepared for us. A life filled with joy, peace, love, mercy, grace, good health, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and of course, self-discipline.  

 Lord, your Word says, “You bore All of our sins and sicknesses,” and “By your stripes, we are healed.” I stand on the promises and claim the healing power for those who face this giant every day. May the mighty name of JESUS stomp out, wipe out, disrupt the havoc that is causing this thing we call cancer. I pray for the person and their family to have an experience with you like never before. Bless all the doctors and those in between who tend to these precious souls fighting against this monster. Give them the wisdom to provide the perfect antidote for each individual. Cause non-believers to pay attention to those who are being healed in the physical and spiritual realms. May the mighty astronomical name of Jesus conquer, revitalize, and bring nourishment to the mind, body, and soul for all who call on Him!


A Mother’s Dream


I find myself wondering what life would have been like if my son had chosen a different path in life. Unfortunately, he chose the dark path that led him to drug addiction. The enemy is sneaky, lies, tricks, and plots out such wickedness to destroy people. Once someone believes the lies, they fall into the traps. It is hard for family members to watch their loved ones struggle through life and eventually spiral out of control. They hit rock bottom while the wicked laugh at how well their plan worked.

In a dream, I saw myself enter my son’s room to wake him up. He started to argue with me, but he realized I was frantic. He reluctantly followed me down a long dark hall where my friend Jesus sat by a fireplace. I put his hand into Jesus’s hand. Jesus gave me a look as if this is not how it works. I got on my knees, covered my ears, and closed my eyes. I whispered; then how?

Amazingly, my son spoke to Jesus, saying, my mom talks about you all the time, but I never believed her. Jesus said it took your mom a while to figure me out.” You know she loves you and prays for you often? He said, I know, but why did I turn out this way?

Jesus said the choices you have made up to this point are why you are struggling. It bothers me that you didn’t ask me for help. I do remember you asking for money. Do you think money has helped you over the years? My son dropped his head. Jesus said look at your garments. He looked and saw that they were dirty, raggedy, and stained. Look! Floating in the air was a nice over-the-top outfit with white sparkling Jordon shoes. My son smiled. Jesus said which would you rather wear? My son pointed to the sparkling threads in the air, and instantly they were on him. He was amazed at what had just happened. My son began to check himself out. Jesus asked my son how it feels to be fresh, clean, and looking sharp? He said I have never felt this good about myself before. I’ve always thought I was dumb, stupid, and never fit in. Smoking weed always made me feel normal. I feel more comfortable being around people and having conversations after smoking pot.

My son asked Jesus, Do I get to keep the threads? Jesus said it’s up to you. Do you want to keep your life, or would you like to try living a different/better life? He said I don’t fit in with crowds. I thought I would have to do something to live this kind of life as he stretched out his arms, looking at his sparkling outfit? Jesus said, Nope, you can’t earn this life; it’s a gift. My son said I thought I had to go to church, pray, and do all this other stuff to live a better life.” Jesus said,” You will want to do those things, eventually.” My son asked,” What if I say yes, but I can’t do it?” Jesus said,” Ahhh…That’s where I come in to give you strength, and courage, fight your enemies and increase your self-worth and confidence to overcome addictions. I will always be there whether you say yes or no to a better life. My son says I want a better life. I want to be happy. I want someone who will love me and encourage me to be a better man. 

Jesus says you already have that. Your mom and dad have loved and inspired you all your life. If someone else encouraged you, would you have listened?” Jesus called his name and said, son, life is short. Your parents will not always be here with you. When you decide to invite Me into your life, we can make some decisions to get you pointed in the right direction. What a glorious day that will be~ God is waiting anxiously for you! My son said Jesus; I want you in my life. I believe!

Suddenly, there was a rumble, and smoke swirled around them. God spoke; he said, music to my ears! Instantly, a silver bucket appeared above my son; the blood of Jesus began to run down and cover every inch of his body. It was at that moment my heart turned a flip in my chest.


The War Within Us

I have struggled with something for quite some time now.   One day I asked God how much longer do I have to fight this thing.  I’m weak, I’m tired. I don’t know how to make these thoughts /feelings go away.

I started praying! Jesus, you said, ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened! Matthew 7:7-8.

  I started to run.  As I ran,  I imagined a piece of twine dangling right below my breast bone.  Each time I pumped my arms back and forth I pulled the string, and I began to feel something churning in my chest.  I ran until I lost my breath. I had to stop to bend over with my hands on my thighs to catch my breath.  Once I caught my breath, I continued to run, pulling and unwinding inside my chest.  My heart beat faster, and I could hardly breathe when it felt like something popped out of my chest.  I no longer felt the heaviness of all my worries crushing my chest.   I felt a  release from whatever I was holding on to that was making me miserable.  I didn’t see anything, but I was afraid to stop. For the first time in years, I felt free. Free from the burdens of having thoughts of what-ifs, why not, how come, feeling trapped, feeling unworthy, lust, deceit, faking, lying, wanting more, not being satisfied,…and struggling to keep me from failing.

Romans 7:14-16…..I can anticipate the response that is coming: I know that all God’s commands are spiritual, but I’m not. Isn’t this also your experience?” Yes. I’m full of myself—after all, I’ve spent a long time in sin’s prison. What I don’t understand about myself is that I decide one way, but then I act another, doing things I absolutely despise. So if I can’t be trusted to figure out what is best for myself and then do it, it becomes obvious that God’s command is necessary. Romans 7:14New Century Version (NCV)

The struggle is within me. I know what is right and I want to do what is right and end up doing what I know is wrong. I fight to do the right thing. I need God’s strength to overcome my weakness.

Jesus is my strength, without him, I am nothing.