I Share My Gift With You

Just like the little drummer boy I share my gift with you.


A family has lost a piece of their heart and struggle to come to terms. The cycle of life?  Why does it cause so much pain?  I know we should celebrate our loved ones who leave us and are now with you, but our hearts just don’t have what it takes to let go of something so precious.  Father, pour out your Peace, Love, and Grace so that Joy will begin to grow in their hearts. Remind each family member of all the precious memories that were created and how blessed they are to hold on to these precious moments. Let them know that grieving is healthy but temporary.  The day will come when the memories will bring more joy and happiness instead of tears and heartache.


Jesus said:  Holy Spirit will come after me, to comfort, teach, guide, and help us in all circumstances. Guard their hearts and home and comfort and ease the pain until the memories turn to joy!

I ask these things in the Mighty name of Jesus~

My heart aches because yours does.  Wish there was something I could do or say that would help ease the pain, but as we all know, the love of others and time are usually the healing ointment for these types of wounds.

Just me, AMEN


Killing Them Softly

As I walked today, I told Jesus I didn’t want to poison anyone else with my negativity.  The song, Killing Me Softly, pierced my heart. I became emotional thinking that my negative words are capable of killing them softly and slowly.

I have struggled with many things in my life. The scripture about, “He is the Potter; I am the clay,” has been alive and active in my life. God has been busy melting, molding, chipping away, carving out, heating up, shaping up, sanding, ironing out, tweaking, polishing, my mind, my heart, and my soul.  My mind began to wonder…

I see myself on stage playing out the story of my life, the one God wrote. During an intercession, a man walks up and begins telling me how great I am at acting. Confused, I asked, “What are you talking about?” He interrupted me sharing his ideas of how he could use me and I would be a great hit. He said he was looking for someone to play a part in a piece he was working on. I’m hearing all these things that made me feel, Wow! Finally, somebody noticed me. Somebody thinks I’m great. This guy’s filling up my love tank with Words of Affirmation (that’s a love language). I saw myself on a different stage trying out for different parts. I didn’t feel comfortable, but I wanted to be noticed, acknowledged, encouraged, to be known. (I was having an encounter with the enemy and didn’t know it)

There’s a Flash**** I see myself praying in Gethsemane with my hand on the cup. I didn’t want to let go. That’s when I learned that the enemy had distracted me from my life. I was not living the story that God had written. My spiritual eyes opened up to the truth, yet I still didn’t want to let go of the cup. God said, “As long as your hand is on this cup you will be lead down a road that someone else paved.” FLASH***** I’m in the desert. I’m standing on a cliff. If I jump, I can have and be anything I choose. My mind begins to flood with all the possibilities. I’m too scared to jump, but I want to be somebody. I want to be somebody’s everything. FLASH **** I’m standing out of the boat on the water (like Peter). I ask, “How long have I been standing here?” Answer: You climbed out of the boat many years ago, but you have not stepped away from the boat. FLASH**** I’m on a dark stage. A light brightens over another stage, and there is my family. Everything looks the same; I ask the question, do they know where I am? Answer: They never knew you.

It was then my emotions took over. I pleaded to be with my family. Why am I here? Why is this happening? The answer: Your ego has been overpowering your spirit. When one’s spirit has the lead, the happily ever after becomes a truth. When one’s ego takes the lead, life becomes a struggle. Your spirit is at war with the ego who is leading you down a path that God did not prepare for you.

Standing At The Crossroads

When standing at a crossroad, a decision has to be made. Sometimes no matter how much you try to explain what is best for a loved one, sometimes they have to find out for themselves. It’s hard to watch, but many life lessons are learned and relationships can either strengthen or become strained by it.

Lord Jesus,

I ask for awareness for both parties of the importance of each one’s perspective of any troubles or struggles that may be going on. I pray in faith asking for clarity in communication, complete understanding on both sides of the table. Prayers for wisdom that will help issues be resolved.

The law of cause and effect comes into play in situations that seem hard, wrong, not a good idea, in one’s mind, while your loved one feels absolutely determined they are right no matter how big of a picture your draw out for them. The bumps in the road play havoc on families and others may experience the discomfort of any kinks, ripples, waves, strain or stress from actions and/or reactions in undesirable situations. When faced with strong-willed loved one’s times like this can disrupt family matters and cause heartache. Bless all involved with goodness, an abundance of love and support.


Prepare _______’s mind to receive the messages that are sent by your messengers. Let each message cause him to ponder on the choices he is, has and is going to make. I pray for complete protection from anything the enemy has planned against him or his family. I call on divine intervention to protect the minds, hearts, and relationships that will be affected by any decisions made.

The only one who can see the goodness in all the chaos~ Let it be~ In Jesus name.

Prayer for a Thoughtful Friend

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

All is well!  Not everyone thinks that but how can it not be?  You gave up your life so it would be.  Jesus, your word says to ask then believe it is done.  I ask in the power of your name for millions of people to fall deeply in love with you!  I ask that these newbies feel the warmth of the blanket of your love for them.  May they thirst and hunger for more of you!  I invite your divine intervention to sweep through and breathe life into those who are sleepwalking.   Life is hard!  But with you, life is so much more!


I would like to say a special prayer for my special friend.  He is so kind, dedicated, honest, helpful, thoughtful, and smart!  He has blessed me many times with his thoughtfulness!  I think people like him should be blessed 100 fold.  So, I am believing that his blessings will arrive one after another in every area of his life.  I ask that You would cause him to think outside of the box and flood him with new ideas that will make the ordinary become extraordinary!   Bless him with more than enough. Give him the desire to go above and beyond expectations.  Bless him with enough strength to stay focused so his mind will behave until he is satisfied with his results. 

Jesus, I ask that you would bless his family and keep them safe and out of harm’s way.  May they cherish their time spent together, and not only say, I love you but put into action, be creative and look for ways to demonstrate their love. 

Thank you, Jesus, for giving us the authority to use your mighty name!  Thank you for loving us even when we don’t deserve it.  Thank you for having mercy and giving us the unending gift of your grace every day.  Remind us how big and massive your grace is so that we don’t take sips, but instead, we immerse ourselves into this ocean of grace and bask in it as long as needed.

This request is made in the name above all names, Jesus the Christ!!


Cast Your Burdens



I come to You today. boldly asking for, “your healing Touch upon each family member, friend, colleague, acquaintance, contact. Make them well in the name of Jesus! Feeling sick, coughing, lack of sleep, dis-ease, nausea, loneliness, aches, pains, depression, anxiety, imbalance, insecurity, doubtfulness, exhaustion has stolen smiles, joy, cheerfulness, and replaced it with sadness & fear, and has brought on stress, aggravation, frustration, which affects the ones around them. Bless them with calmness, gladness, hopefulness, gratefulness, and laughter as they surrender their ailments to you.  Thank you for your mercy that we don’t receive what we deserve and thank you for your grace that we receive things that we don’t deserve.

Your Word says, “Cast all your burdens over to Me.” There are some things we feel that are not worthy of handing over.” ALL THINGS?” I’m thinking a broken dryer, car issues, roof repairs, bad habits, attitudes, decisions, finances, teenagers, relationships, our health, emotions, concerns, struggles at work and at home, along with should I’s….are included in “ALL”.

Lord, I ask that you would “give all” who happen to stumble across this prayer– a limitless abundance of Your grace, love, inspiration, kindness, creativity, affection, opportunities, wisdom, and joy! Bless each person to be fully alert, attentive, and mindful so “they” will know they have surely been in the presence of Lord.  May they experience you “Jesus” in “all” that they do.  Peace to “all” who are looking for something. Many people feel there is a void in their life. Reveal the truth of why they have an empty feeling inside. Some people won’t believe the answer but for those who are here, reading this, LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!


Thank you for listening, for caring, for making it possible to have the privilege, to ask and believe in your powerful name, which has the power to conquer and accomplish “all” things!

Pour out your blessings, one after another, day after day to the one who is reading this right now.


Claim this prayer into your life, if it speaks to you!


Prayer for Procedure

Good Morning Jesus,

I can’t wait to see what unfolds before me today!  I really do try to spend each day doing my very best.  Sometimes I wake up with a heavy heart.  I can think of many reasons why it would be heavy, but You said not to worry. Help me NOT to worry.  Thank You for shining Your light in the dark places that dampen my spirits.  If it were not for YOU, my hopes would die by lack of faith.  All my hope hangs on the very Words, You spoke, and brought to life.   I thank my Father in heaven for You, Jesus, and I thank You for ALL the things You did and still do to give us access to the Bread of Life and Living Water that gives us the strength we need for each day.


I come to You in prayer to lift up ___________ who is preparing to put her trust in a man/lady that You have equipped to adjust parts of the body so that life will continue on in that abundance of joy, love, mercy, and grace that You came to give us.

I know our bodies wear down and adjustments may be needed to keep us charged up and running smoothly.  I still can’t get over how every little thing works together.  The most amazing thing to me is that we can live life without many different pieces or parts, or even add things to the body to keep it going.  Wow!  It makes my head spin just thinking about it.

I’m asking for all things to line up accordingly for the best results possible.  The best team to perform the procedure, the best care that can be provided, the best outcome possible and the best method for recuperating.  I pray that she will rest her body, soul and mind while You mend her body back to perfection.  Lord, will You see to it that every part of her body would get to experience what it feels like to relax?  Take her imagination to the playground where everything is in slow motion, where every moment is lived in love.  Life gets so busy that we don’t live in the Love, instead, we live in the perception of our own thoughts.  Refresh everything in her!!  Allow her to enjoy her family while they dote over her.  When one dotes over another, the heart can barely hold it all.   I love You, Jesus, and I want to love you more!



Why is Life so Hard?

God:  People struggle through life and make it difficult for themselves because they believe they can do life all by themselves.  They set out to prove to themselves as well as to others that there is no need for any assistance.  They have it all figured out.

.  1 Peter 5:8  Most importantly, be disciplined and stay on guard. Your enemy, the devil, is prowling around outside like a roaring lion, just waiting and hoping for the chance to devour someone.

God:  My Love is unconditional.  My Son, Jesus willingly demonstrated the depth of My Love for ALL!  My desire(not will) is for All to experience My unconditional love and for All to love unconditionally.  Receiving love is difficult for some.  When one’s love is without conditions, the struggle is over.  It is to experience not to accomplish. 



Will You Settle For Less?

We all have an ego which is the selfish, opinionated, stubborn, hard-headed, knows everything, ignorant side of who we are.  Our spirit is the loving, kind, gentle, cautious part of who we are that tries to protect us from ourselves.


A war between the two create those thoughts in our head that …. talk us into or out of …. whatever it is we are contemplating, considering, pondering?  The two are at battle for our attention.  Our ego is puffed up, strong and becomes stronger with each …Cha-Ching! (Wins us over) Our spirit gets pushed down and overpowered by ego, so we rarely/barely hear it anymore.  In those quiet times…sad times…. wondering why times……nobody loves me times…. lonely…sick…tired…run down…troubled times are when we might hear a glimpse of our spirit…desperately trying to get our attention.  Our Spirit…. is the best part of us and fights a mighty fight every day to overpower our ego?  Be still.  Let your mind get quiet.  Listen……can you hear or feel your spirit…. calling your name…. begging you….to give it a chance…..to lead?  When we let our spirit guide…life is so much more enjoyable, easy going, comfortable, satisfying, fun, passionate, enthusiastic, creative, loving, kind, sweet, gentle, and generous.  We are more thoughtful, sociable, radical, intentional….and life is good.   Ego leads us to jealousy, anger, rebellion, hate, envy, laziness, deceit, lying, selfishness, pity, and makes our lives miserable. What doesn’t make sense is…. we may know we are miserable….and we accept it and live in it.

Prayer for Unborn Child

Sweet Jesus,

You were once a tiny baby born to parents who loved you and adored you.   You of all people know the love of a mother is bottomless and entangled with her child’s soul.  Your Word says that You carried our sickness and infirmities and that NO weapon formed against this family will prosper~

Psalm 91:10 says, “NO sickness or plague will come near this child’s dwelling” Psalm 27: 1 says, “Jesus, arise over this child’s life with healing in Your wings.  Psalm 139:14 says, “This child has been fearfully and wonderfully knitted together by your hands.  Let his body develop and function in the wonderful and healthy way You designed.

Galatians 3:13 says, “This family lives redeemed from sickness, disease & uncertainties.

I declare in the name of Jesus that these scriptures be fulfilled here on earth specifically for this family.  God, You are the Mighty Creator!  You created this child!  We don’t understand everything that has and is happening right now, but we do know that You are the Great Physician.    Protect this family from the enemy. Shield them from all ungodly people, all negativity, all lies, all tricks,  schemes plotted against this family.  I plead the blood of Jesus over this family and ask You, Father, to supply them with mercy and drench them with Your grace all the days of their lives!

Plans have been made to love, provide, and protect this precious baby.  In the midst of all that is happening.  Open up the doctor’s eyes, ears, minds and bless them the wisdom of what to do.  We come to you for answers, because You are the only ONE who can make a difference in this situation.   Receive this prayer with much love and concern for this family.  They are truly blessed to have a mother reaching out for prayers.   Bless the people who called on your army to pray for them.

Holy Spirit~ with Your help I am declaring good news, excellent health for all members of the family, more than enough rest, good food,  much support, and lifelong memories made for many years!

I ask with boldness in the powerful name of Jesus.

Jesus, I praise You and thank You for what You are about to do for this family!!

Prayer for Attempted Suicide #2


Help this young girl!  She believes in a lie and desperately needs the TRUTH to set her free.  Send out ten thousand angels to protect her from the enemies that are coming against her.  With your help Jesus,  I dress her up in the armor that you provided for our spiritual protection.  Remove those hopeless thoughts and adorn her with clarity, encouragement, confidence, optimism, courage, a deep passionate desire, a yearning for more of YOU,  perseverance, and most of all ~ Allow her to experience Your love in every situation from this day forward.  Now,  crown her with the helmet of Salvation, equip her with the SWORD~ the Shield of FAITH ~ the Breast Plate of RIGHTEOUSNESS!  Thank You, Lord, for saving her.  As You once said, FORGIVE HER FATHER, FOR SHE KNOWS NOT WHAT SHE IS DOING.

Holy Spirit~ Comfort ________ as they move from this dark place.  Your WORD says that you will take what the enemy meant for harm and make something Good out of it!   Allow her to be surrounded by so many people whose light for YOU shines so bright that the enemy is blinded!!!!!!!  I ask a special blessing for _________’s mother.  A mother’s love for her child is so deep and indescribable.  I pray that the wound from this experience will heal tenderly and that YOU would block any obstacles that would disrupt this healing.  May this family lean on You for the future of their daughter.  Give them Your eyes for just one moment to see what You see so that they can live without fear!

Jesus ~ Your name is above ALL names ~ everything above the earth, on the earth, and under the earth MUST bow down to your name~  fear–is such a little word, but has so much power over many.  I command that this fear, that has stolen ____________’s hope, joy, and dreams, to bow down to and in. . . The Name of Jesus!  I speak PEACE to her anxiety!  I’m declaring that __________ is able, empowered, and programmed for VICTORY in her life!

Thank You, Jesus, for giving us the authority to use YOUR name.   Because of YOU, we can lift the broken-hearted, encourage the discouraged and be someone’s miracle and for that I AM THANKFUL!